Influencer Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

  1. You can find how to use discount codes explained here.

  2. You get a fixed amount per month to shop for which is agreed individually after the first sponsorship.

  3. In case of extra good results, we will contact you regarding the possibility for payment.

Terms and conditions for free products

If you receive products for free, the following must be done:

After the products have been received, the following is a requirement unless otherwise agreed.
  • Minimum 1 post in the form of photo or video and weekly story given in quality that matches your current Instagram feed. This must be done within 2 weeks of receiving the products.
  • Your 10% code must be shared upon promotion. You should, to the best of your ability, promote the code so that you increase the likelihood of use. Including writing the code clearly in stories, mentioning USPs as free shipping and things you like about the garments that can increase the likelihood of purchase.
  • Use the hashtag #fammely and tag @famme on posts and stories
  • Send us pictures of the products, upload them here
  • If you are happy with a product, publish a review with pictures on the product page for the specific product. The review should be objective and help customers with the choice of size, and should not promote your discount code or contain other information that is not relevant to the product.You should not post positive reviews about products you are not happy with. Remember that you have a free right to exchange, even on sponsored products
  • The code / affiliate link must be present for at least 2 months after sponsored products are received, and no promotion of competing brands can be done during this period. New bonus orders can only be placed after previously received products have been promoted.

Return and right of exchange

No items you receive for free, you are obliged to promote if you do not want to keep the item. Garments should only be promoted if you can vouch for the garments with your hand on your heart. You have the right to return and exchange everything that is received for free in the same way as other customers. For ex. that you can return the garment at our expense if needed.

Violation of conditions and deactivation of code

In the following cases, we have the right to pause / temporarily deactivate the code, delete bonuses and request that products be returned:

  • Promotion of dangerous / harmful products.
  • Promotion of competing brands / stores without permission. Directly or indirectly depending on which brand. Close competitors are worse than foreign ones. If you promote competing brands, you can also be given the "quarantine" mtp. to not be able to promote famme for a certain period of time.
  • Implementation of illegal activities, personal attacks or racist acts / statements.
  • Placing fake orders to receive bonuses and similar activities, such as placing many small orders instead of a large one within a short period of time to receive bonuses.
  • If most of the orders do not come from people who were influenced by the influencer. This can be the case if the discount code appears on google discount pages etc. And the only ones who use the code are those who apply for Famme discount code or similar. The goal of influencer marketing is to influence. Sales that are not related to the influencer activity are undesirable.t.
  • Posting blog posts that only contain discount without valuable information. Avoid titles such as "discount at" and the use of "discount code" in the text as this can lead to a search for "Famme discount code" leading to sales with your discount code from people who had intended to buy anyway. This is against the purpose of influencer marketing as we want to influence new customers who may not know Famme from before to buy. Instead, use titles like "Review of Famme leggings" and include a discount link on photos and in the text.
  • Spam in forums and groups. If someone has posted a discount code in a forum or Facebook group within the last 20 days, it is not allowed to post a new code in that group / forum again. This applies to both direct posting and mentioning that you have a code and asking about DM.
  • Private account, -bonuses mainly only apply to public accounts unless otherwise agreed.
  • Lack of labeling of posters / stories as advertising if the garments are received free of charge.
  • Low quality photos / video. If we consider that the quality of content is too low, the bonus may lapse. This is an individual assessment.
  • Inactivity for a whole month (no promotion is completed).

Content rights / intellectual property

Famme can use all photos, videos or other content made with clothes from Famme at the moment influencer places a free order at our store. All content can be used free of charge by Famme without an expiration date and for all commercial purposes, including in advertising, on our website etc.

Invoice and payment info

  • EHF invoice is sent to Famme AS (orgnr. 913300319), possibly pdf-invoice to
  • Post a comment in the invoice with your instagram username
  • "Order line" on invoice may have description "promotion for famme & lt; month & gt;"
  • The invoice date must be set to the last day of the month for which it is promoted, with 14 days due.
  • Valid orders paid for are non-canceled and non-returned orders paid for with cash. The value is calculated from the sales price ex. VAT.

    Resources for influencers

    You can register HERE to access resources for influencers.
    We also recommend checking out ours influencer blog where we post tips. tricks and useful information for our influencers.