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Best sports glasses 2021 - Fast glasses

Quick glasses, Bliz, Oakley and Northug has in recent years become more and more popular and trendy. You can often find a couple withsports glasses lying in everyone's wardrobe, and these are a type sunglasses which works all year round. In summer they can be used either for the beach, for cycling or roller skiing, and in winter they work very well for skiing or running. Here are some of the sunglasses we think are best for all situations and as you will definitely feel fresh with.

Everyone the sports glasses shown below are equipped with:

  • REVO coating on mirror lens
  • TAC Polarized lens
  • TR90 frame
  • UV400 protection


Classic quick glasses

A model that Oakley have, is their Radar model. These have taller lenses so you can see more with them. One of Northug its models, is their Classic Performance. As an alternative to Oakley and Northug's sports glasses, we can recommend oursActive Sunglasses which is difficult trendy and can be easily compared to classic quick glasses. These provide good UV protection and can adjusted for an optimal fit. An advantage of the sports glasses is that they come with two extra lenses that can be replaced if desired. Perfect to take with you on a cabin trip or Easter trip to look fit and fresh.

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løpebriller til løpeturenraske briller som sitter godt på hodet


Running glasses for the fit

Bliz its big bestseller is their Hero model. You can use these both in the woods and on a walk. As an alternative to their Hero model, we can recommend oursFusion Sunglasses. They are polarized sunglasses which is very suitable for a run or a jog. The goggles have extra glass so that it is possible to replace them if desired. Sports glasses wide design prevents light from entering, and the glass provides a comfortable and nice light, which makes the run much easier.

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Brede sportsbriller egnet til løpingLøpebriller med polarisert linse


Sports glasses for the fitness enthusiast

Quick glasses its bestseller is the Fusion model. These should be comfortable to use and fit well. As an alternative to their Fusion sports glasses, we recommend oursJawbreaker sunglasses which is a good match for anyone happy to exercise soul. These fast glasses suitable for all types of training , such as running, jogging, skiing, cycling and much more. The sunglasses have a very good fit and sits well around the head. In the same way as the other sunglasses, these also have extra lenses that you can replace if you want.


raske briller egnet til all type trening og aktivitetkule solbriller som ikke sklir ned


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