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Training clothes online

The opportunity to be able to order training clothes online has never been easier and worry-free than it is now. Being able to find the right onetraining tights,training shorts,training top,sports bra,training shoes,training socks, And then have the item sent directly to you to where you are now sitting with just a few simple keystrokes. It's an everyday luxury. Especially now during a hectic gift season, ordering clothes online is optimal.

Read more about Famme's tips for gift for her and gift for girlfriend, which you can easily shop online.

Online store for clothes and training clothes is nothing new, fortunately. Selling women's clothing online has been part of the shopping experience for several years, and most of us prefer it over physical store. Famme only offers training clothes online from its own website. We believe our online store is one of the best online stores for clothing due good prices , free shipping and easy return .


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Sale of training clothes online


Training clothes for women online

Famme is well known for collections withintraining clothes of high quality. We offer customers training tights of various models and designs, training sweaters and tops for low, medium and high intensity training, sports bras with variations in support and flexibility, and much more. We have imagined all the different situations and needs one has during varying training sessions, and therefore we have confidence that we can offer training garments that should fit exactly you .


Training tights and training pants

Famme har tights and leggings for all purposes such asstrength training,running,yoga,keeps warm,shapes the buttocks,for pregnant women, and more.Most of our tights arehigh waist tights, hasgood compression, and are squat proof , thereforenot transparent. If you have normal length or long legs, most of our tights will fit perfectly, if you have short legs we have some 7/8 and 3/4 short tights.

We describe all types of tights and leggings in detail this spring tights guide for ladies.  

Scrunch treningstights i rød  Scrunch tights med rumpe-effekt

Scrunch Tights is a bestseller in training tights. A scrunch tights has the butt effect everyone wants.In addition to a gorgeous design, the training tights are made of a wonderfully soft fabric that makes it extremely comfortable, and turns the training into a dream. You can match this tights with oursscrunch sports well or replaced with oursscrunch shorts. If, on the other hand, you want a scrunch tights for running or higher intensity training, we would recommend oursArise Scrunch Tights.

Read more about what a scrunch tights is and what effects it giveshere.

Sømløs treningstights som former rumpen   Sømløs treningstights i grå

Vortex Tights is another model of a very popular category in training tights, and is our best seller in seamless tights. The tights are made of the finest Italian Nylon 6.6. The training tights therefore have an unusual soft , comfortably , and moisture transporting fabric. A slightly heavier version of the vortex tights isVortex Tights 2 which gives more compression due to a higher level of Elastane. Another model that gives a higher degree of shaping effect isElevate Vortex Leggings.   Combine your favorite vortex tights withelevate crop top for a perfect workout set.

Read more about oursbest seamless tights, and to get a better understanding of what seamless technology is you can read more about thishere.


Tracksuit and training tops

Famme offers a wide range of training tops that consist of bothtracksuits,T shirts,crop tops,tank tops,sports bra, and more.

Ocean Long Sleeve is a bestseller among customers. This is a seamless and snug training sweater with high comfort. The moisture transporting the fabric is soft, breathable, and has a mesh texture for optimal ventilation. This favorite in long-sleeved training tops also comes in onecrop-top version. These models are basic garments in training tops, but the training top range has great variation in color, pattern, and fit.

You can read more about all our different training tops this springtraining top guide. 

Langermet treningsgenser i blå og rød  Langermet treningsgenser crop top i blå

Also read more about:

    Training set

    There are few things that give a more match-ready feeling than a nice training set. Famme offers a wide selection of matching training tights and training tops, to make you feel fresh for your next hard training session.

    Camo Tights combined withCamo Sports Bra is one of the most popular sets in training clothing, and customers love this combo! Both the training tights and the sports bra are made with seamless technology and have a fantastic soft fabric. The tights have high waist which gives one hold-in effect . The sports bra has good support and sits close to the body.

    Ribbestrikket treningssett i grå  Camo treningssett i rød

    Another popular training set isRibbed Seamless Tights combined withRibbed Seamless Crop LS. This training tights are a beautiful seamless rib knit leggings withhigh life,wide waistband, andV-shape behind. The upper is made of the same fabric and is long-sleeved with a cropped length.

    Browse through Famme's entire collection of gorgeous and sportytraining set. You are guaranteed to discover your new favorite with us!


    Training shorts

    Onetraining shorts is a delicious alternative to have when you want to exercise on hot summer days. Training shorts from Famme give you full freedom of movement. With optimal support , quick-drying and breathing fabrics, these shorts are perfect for all sports, activities and lifestyles. Whether the shorts are for lifting weights, cardio, yoga or HIIT classes, our training shorts for women are designed so that you can perform your best. Always.

    Seamless Scrunch Shorts is Famme's bestseller in training shorts. This is a seamless and snug-fitting shorts with butt-lifting effect . Suitable for all types of training from powerlifting to running. If, on the other hand, you want a training shorts that is specially designed for intense running sessions, then among other thingsPace Running Shorts perfect for you. This running shorts has one tight-fitting inner shorts to counteract transparency, and a loose outer shorts for maximum mobility and comfort while running.

    Sømløs treningsshorts med scrunch i mørk grå  Seamless treningsshorts med rumpe løft i grå

    For a better overview of all the different types of shorts we offer, you can read more about our besttraining shorts, our besthiking shorts, and our bestbiker shorts.



    Endorphin RX1 Shoes is a pride in training shoes. These are light running shoes with good cushioning, and a chunky sole made of a lighter EVA foam in combination with Ortholite technology. The training shoe is designed with optimal support and comfort during training withOrtholite insole,Engineered mesh that breathes, andsoft support around the ankles and heel. These sneakers are perfect to useboth training, and at work for those with an active working day. The shoes are adapted to the Norwegian market and fit both wide and narrow feet.

    Joggesko med chunky såle i svart og hvit  Treningssko i svart med chunky såle

    read more abouthow to choose the right shoes for training, and about these5 signs for when you should change training shoes.



    The sneakers can withstand machine washing and other types of washing. Read more about all you different ways you can wash your Endorphin RX1here.


    Training socks

    Famme has a large selection oftraining socks in different lengths and colors. Here you will find socks for both summer, winter and all types of training. Choose from ankle socks or full length. We have rag socks in Norwegian wool, wool socks in merino wool, tennis socks , bamboo socks , nylon socks and cotton socks .

    Follow thissock guide to find the perfect pair for you and your needs, andthis guide to the choice of socks specifically for training.

    Tennissokker i full-lengde hvit  Treningssokker full-lengde i hvit med logo

    Good socks can make a big difference during training, especially training on colder days. Famme offers both thin and thickwool socks which will fit into your training shoes to keep you warm during running sessions and trips on cold autumn and winter days. For warmer days we recommendBamboo socks. These are ankle socks that are made of a beautiful breathable material that will counteract both sweat and odor.

    Read more about oursbest wool socks, And more aboutthe benefits of bamboo socks.


    Training clothes online and sales

    When you want to buy training clothes online, you experience that there are often more offers and sales to be found in the online stores than in the physical stores. The low prices of products sold only online are due to a reduction in costs within companies that do not have to spend resources on retail premises. Thus, we can offer customers a much cheaper price through the online stores than if we also had to sell in stores. We therefore want to make your gift shopping this year even easier and liberating with crazy offers and discounts belowBlack Friday, and an even wider range ofmerchandise andoutlet goods  you find in our online store.

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