Padelklær til dame

Paddle clothes for women

What is paddle?

Padel is a racket sport that combines elements from tennis and squash, and can be played both indoors and outdoors. The court is designed as a squash court with walls, but has a net and the rules are the same as in tennis. Padel is usually played with two players on each team, where there is one team on each side of the net.

There are several types of paddle such as beach paddle, indoor paddle and outdoor paddle.

Padel has become a popular sport lately and much of the reason for it is that this is a fun sport suitable for all ages with different skill levels. You will also quickly experience mastery in the sport, at the same time as it is very social.

But what exactly is the difference between paddle and tennis? There are many commonalities between these quite different sports. Despite the fact that both sports are played with a racket, in the open, on a marked court and the main goal is to hit the ball over to the opponent's side, there are several differences as well. One of the differences is the racket in the two sports, in tennis the racket is actually bigger than in paddle. The main difference, however, lies in the design of the course. The paddle court is smaller than a tennis court and is surrounded by walls. 

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Paddle clothes

Padelklær til dame Padelklær til dame 

The most important thing when choosing an outfit for the paddle session is that you choose something that gives good mobility , which breathes and is comfortable! Here at Famme we have a large selection of training clothes that are excellent for a round with a paddle.

There are several options to put your outfit on, do you want shorts, pants, or tights sports bra, sweater or t-shirt cropped or not The options are

Seamless Scrunch Shorts is well suited for both low and high intensity training and is therefore well suited for paddle. This is designed with scrunch and v-shape which gives the butt a finer shape and form.Tech Tank Top is well suited for training with its exclusive yarn that prevents bacterial growth and bad smells. The top also has a seamless texture that ensures better ventilation and a gorgeous feminine design. If you love cropped singlets, then fitPower Seamless Top for you. This is a singlet with hold-in effect and good support. The combination of moisture-transporting material and rib knit makes it a first choice for many.

Seamless scrunch shorts grå, v-form, ekstra komfort power seamless top grå, hold-in, støttendetech tank top hvit, er lett, elastisk og transporterer fuktighet effektivt.


If you want to show yourself on the field, try some of ours matching training set .Support Ribbed Bra is a sports bra with high support. The seamless The design is flexible and aims to keep you comfortable and cool during training.Ribbed Seamless Tights matches the sports bhen with its ribbed design. It has a high waist and a wide waistband that keeps it up during training. Also combine withRibbed Seamless Crop for a complete matching workout set.
ribbed seamless tights, høy liv, hold-in, v-shape, support ribbed bra, seamless, høy støtte, uttagbare innlegg, kjølende, komfortabelribbed svart cropped langermet seamless
See our entire collection of matching training sets here!
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It is also good to have a jacket you can wear to and from training, or out on a cold day.Tech Jacket is a versatile jacket that using its material feels light and has very good breathability . The jacket has too reflex on the sleeves and practical pockets for storage.
tech jacket, allsidig jakke, god pusteevne, refleks, praktiske lommer, tech jacket, allsidig jakke, god pusteevne, refleks, praktiske lommer,


Padel accessories

There are many accessories that can make a paddle round easier and more comfortable. One of these things is good socks.White tennis socksfits the paddle perfectly with its soft and soothing effect! Find your perfecttraining socks here.
If you play paddle outdoors and the sun peeks out, you can tooclassic caps be good to have. Protect your eyes from the strong sun all year round with this comfortable cap.
Round it all off with oursReady Duffel Bag! The duffel bag comes with more practical pockets so you can take with you everything you need for a round paddle.
hvite tennissokker laget av bomullFamme svart klassisk emblem capsFamme ready duffel bag, sporty, robust, stilrent design
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